I am Quibaos. Please come here often and read poems in different forms.

I am an anglophile. I love to share some British English tips as I learn as well.

My Latest Posts

  • Lost love

    My love life is a loss

    Today my ears got yet another muss

    Of a girl it must yearn of her voice no more

    Why thus is this sloe

    Of two now I must toss

  • On the balcony in my neck of woods.

    I’m stuck in this dry place. Can’t go not back

    Nor forward. Sometimes look down my nose on me.

    That, I must do no more! Certainly won’t.

    The morning’s grey, the balcony tells me.

    People are small as sheeps and bikes as toys.

  • Aurora Aksnes

    I am in love with Aurora Aksnes.

    The Norwegian singer.

  • Draft 367

    I’m gonna buy your heart with passionate affection

  • Sensual and sweet

    Those apples you call cheeks are as fresh as a currant, grapefruit!
    Wanna eat them my luv! For they’re chubby and sweet!

    Those crease on your neck is a line on blue-sky.
    It squints for a smooch which my lips can’t deny.

  • That girl

    That girl, I stare at her, why?
    Tomorrow, I’ll tell her why!
    And get her name InshaAllah
    And know her thoughts of the sunnah
    She’d be the one?that’ll tell me why.

  • Last night

    woke at 12am and all was well.
    I woke up at 2am and this cough doth compel.
    Sharp pain in my chest, my breathing was music
    I took water then palm oil I lick.
    My hands on my chest prayed to Allah and all repel.

  • I hate You!

    More than the catbird hate the cat.
    More than sunshine hates the night.
    That day, I hated you more.

    I went; she’s crazy to think love above Allah.
    I was this close from catcalling you.
    I’m glad what reserved a man I am.

    It is no cliché that I like you to the moon and back.
    It is no cliché, your perception of Islam takes me aback.

    It’s pushed me back twice now.
    It’s made me so mad at you I said;

    What Nutcase!
    This Buttergirl !
    Can’t serve God coz she’s pretty?
    There are many buttergirls, pious.

    But nay ! We ain’t the same.
    And I have seen you progress over the years, my luv!

    “You said Love is the ultimate overcomer “
    Or I put your words as that!

    It made me wonder.
    But then, it occurred to me Love does wonder!

    Your face is partly mine online Butter-girl!

    Your cheeks are fresh corrants!
    Crisp as apple!
    Glim like the star!

    The crease on your neck are perilous to the eyesight than the Green Laser.

    Your smiles shocks the heart than a defibrillator.

    You are sunshine!

    That’s cliché!

    I like you so damn much it literally hurts.

    I’d love to say !

    Who says you can’t be mine no more?


    And if I am forever in your friend zone, fantastic!

    If you know me well, you know am not this vulnerable…
    At least not used to it, not used to being so open emotionally, but ever sweet and romantic anyway !

    I’ll gladly be friend zoned by you now but think me not far away!
    Not so far away my stream swim ms into your heart every day.
    Or your wind to blow my heart.

    You know, I know, you can’t deny!


• • I love sharing my ideas and and thoughts with people. So I put my pen to paper•

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